The DELF Pro corresponds to the professional version of the DELF diplomas. It is aimed at audiences whose goal is promotion or professional integration in a Francophone environment. Any candidate, whether undertaking initial training or continuing education, may sit the exams.


Déroulement de la journée d'examen :


Level Collective parts Individual parts
A1 10h00-11h20 between 8h00 to 10h00
A2 14h00-15h40 between 15h45 to 17h00
B1 10h00-11h45 between 8h00 to 10h00
B2 14h00-16h30 between 8h00 to 13h00
When to sit the exam ?

Year round. Our centre participates in all sessions on the national calendar.

Calendrier :

Level Exam date Register before
A1/A2 Thursday 17th June 2021 Friday 14th May 2021
B1/B2 Friday 18th June 2021 Friday 14th May 2021
A1/A2 Thursday 25th November 2021 Friday 22th October 2021
B1/B2 Friday 26th November 2021 Friday 25th October 2021



According to your level

  Tout public
A1 / A2 105 €
B1 / B2 150 €
Price : 105,00 € 105,00 €
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