Complete your French courses with writing workshops

  • 1h30 / week

    Thursday from 2pm to 3.30pm

  • Levels

    • A2
    • B1
    • B2
    • C1
    • C2
  • 8/12 students

    on average

  • Placement test

    to define your current level

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Writing workshops of the Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie

Objective: to better express oneself in French through comprehension and production of written activities.

Based on a different theme each week, most often related to current events, social or cultural practices, these workshops allow you to develop your written comprehension and production skills. You will acquire the vocabulary related to the theme and the tools necessary for a fluent and natural expression that you will put into practice in a final task.

The opinion of the pedagogic director

The writing workshop is related to the theme of the oral practice workshop but you can also only register for the first one if you wish to strengthen your written skills in priority.


Registration fees : 35 € for a whole year

Price of the courses according to the number of sessions:

1 session 5 sessions 10 sessions
20 € 85 € 150 €
Price (not including the fees) : 20,00 € 20,00 €
Start date
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