Combination courses

An ideal option combining group classes and private lessons: in the morning, you will attend general courses taking advantage of interactions, intercultural exchanges and the dynamics of group learning. In the afternoons, you will attend private lessons where you will benefit from à la carte training corresponding as closely as possible to your expectations and requirements with a programmed established in close consultation with your teacher.


Head of teaching advises : “Thanks to individual lessons, you can revisit points seen in group lessons. You progress at your own pace and develop a special relationship with your teacher. Why not take the opportunity to prepare for an exam?”

A partir de 494


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  • semaine
    20h/sem. + 5h CP du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 13h + 5h (à fixer sur place)
  • nivaux


    • A1
    • A2
    • B1
    • B2
    • C1
  • students
    8/12 students on average
  • test
    Entry Test
  • manual