Test de connaissance du Français pour l'obtention de la carte de résident

TCF - CRF (Carte de Résident en France)

For who ?

For all foreign persons less than 65 years old applying for the first time the issuing of a long-term resident card (valid for 10 years) or a card marked “long-term resident – EU”

The TCF Resident Card will respond to the new provisions introduced by the French Ministry of the Interior setting the A2 level (comprehension, oral and written expression tests) as the level required in French for applicants for the long-term resident card.

For more information, see the CIEP website.

When to sit the exam ?

Year round. Our centre participates in all sessions on the national calendar.

Calendar :

Exam Date Register before
Tuesday 15th September 2020 Friday 14th August 2020
Tuesday 13th October 2020 Friday 11th September 2020
Tuesday 10th November 2020 Friday 9th October 2020
Tuesday 15th December 2020 Friday 13th November 2020
Price : 140,00 € 140,00 €
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How to prepare for the exam ?

Put the odds on your side by participating in our training for TCF CRF.

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